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4Palm Software Launches Lend and Borrow

Our first product now FREELY available on Web Site

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- Feb. 21, 2000 -- 4Palm Software today announced it is releasing its first product for the Palm Pilot platform, Lend and Borrow, freely available for download at the company's web site, located at

"We are very excited about our first product for the Palm Pilot platform. We known that there are many Palm users eager for quality products and we intend to fulfill there expectations," said Marcus Vinicius, one of the founders. "Within the following months Palm users can be prepared for more original and quality releases of new products that will enhance there experience using the Palm Pilot platform."

About Lend and Borrow
Lend and Borrow is a software to control which items are lend and/or borrowed from/to friends or colleagues.

Lend and Borrow is Available Now!

About 4Palm Software
4Palm Software is a recently founded company intended  to release the most powerful software to the Palm Pilot and Windows platforms. Its first product, Lend and Borrow was recently released and its available freely from the company's web site. To learn more, review the company web site or send an e-mail to


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